Be Still.

12 Oct
Winter came and went  in the blink of an eye. However, there was no sign of  ‘Humor in everyday life’.Wonder if it’s the end of ‘humor in everyday life’ blog? or is she taking a power nap ?
photo (3)
or did  she take her new year resolution too seriously and left the rat race for good?! Can’t imagine her renouncing the worldly pleasures- especially, the joy of blogging and most of all checking Facebook updates & Instagram pic.(Which has now become the post popular entertainment channel with ‘live’ show & updates)
Hopefully, Spring would cheer things up and ‘Humor in everyday life’ would blossom  right  into our chaotic life
 Alas!  Even the sweet-scent of Spring  failed to  wake her up from the  deep slumber.Not even the clear blue sky and the warm summer breeze .
Now- we are left with a mixed feeling about ‘ humor in everyday life’. Not sure, if we should say ‘ Absence makes the heart grow fonder’  or ‘ Out of sight is out of mind’?
I hear you my friends! I truly do ! 🙂   –  Thanks to the new’ art’ of living  that I am trying to cultivate in my everyday life- ‘Be still’ even if it’s for a moment:)

I will always LOVE you…..

20 Jan

Not sure when it all began.. but it definitely dates back to my childhood days when I was in  the boarding school. That’s when you would come  along with my mom when she came to visit me or with my friends parents.You were  very quite and shy but extremely attractive and charming. All the girls in school couldn’t   take their eyes off you and would wait for me to  introduce you to them. When I did , everyone dived right into you- like as if you were the most delicious treat they ever tasted. Well, what can I say….. you were our Knight in shinning Armour and we were all  Rapunzel waiting to be rescued by you from the boarding school.

I thought, things would change once we went to College. Supposedly  by then, we would have grown up and out of the fairy tale world. Surprisingly , nothing changed when it came to you ,except you didn’t visit us anymore  with our parents  instead made your rare appearance on special occasions like Valentines Day or on Birth Day’s.You were no longer the Shy guy from school but the  lover every girl wanted to flaunt. You would fall on your knee and  shower the girls  with all the lines you crammed up from the Bollywood movies you studied diligently the night before. Honestly, no matter how cheesy those lines were, every single girl in the college fell for it. They didn’t care how many girlfriends you  had or have. They still  longed to be in your arms. Boy, now when I think of it, you were a real PLAYER !!(Was George Clooney your favorite actor back then?) Anyway.. .I was a silent spectator and was busy in my little world of hockey games & books. I did notice you though  and of course  I did have a crush on  you..however.. I wasn’t crazy about you like the rest.

After we graduated from College and  went our separate ways into the REAL world.I don’t recall  seeing you again. Getting out of  the college was fun since there were no more test(Exam)to worry about. Those dreadful test that gave me many sleepless nights. However, it didn’t dawn on me that those were just MOCK test  until I stepped out of the College Gate.

As I began to  gradually unravel the true fairly tale of life & tried to pass each “liv(f)e” test with flying colors- I  did pretty okay on all the subject except when it came to LOVE. I  had no clue about this subject especially when it came to loving a man. Having been raised in a all girl convent school and college and with minimal interaction with the opposite sex, it was hard for me to understand  them. I picked up few books like “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”  but… nothing seemed to help.  I drove them all nuts and they did the same, because the language of  our hearts were so different. Just when, I was about  to give up on this subject and say, “What the F…, I don’t care anymore..”, that’s when YOU came along. I didn’t recognize you at first  since it s been a while since we last met. However, when you held me in your arms  and kissed me on my forehead and said , “Girl, I got your back. I promise  you will pass this exam with flying colors, now that I am with you!”. I felt  a deep sense of relief  and respect for my new found Teacher.(Why did I not think of him earlier???.He had scored extremely well in this subject back in College and maybe was even better PLAYER then George Clooney.)You instantly spotted my  weakness in this subject and with patience, imparted your  knowledge about love and how to embrace  it without choking it  with insecurity and fear.

There was no turning back after that.I was on cloud 9 and felt I had the whole world in my palms. The journey of life after that was one long honeymoon……until, I woke up one day with severe tooth ache and my regular pants refuse to accept me. That’s when another  reality lightning  struck  me !! .  I had become so dependent on you  to the point that , every time  I felt I was falling off the cliff, I would reach my hands out to you. You were the answer to all the grey areas in my life. The consequence – I  now have 12 cavities and my pant size went from 6 to 8 and even the  8 is making a fuss.

It’s time for me to apply the last lesson you taught  me about LOVE – which is to let go even when you love someone dearly. It’s time we part our ways before I lose the very last tooth I have.Trust me, I will be fine and you will always be in my thoughts and of course  I will come and visit you occasionally  on Valentines day and my B’day but… not everyday. I will always love  you……….  – MY DEAR CHOCOLATE!!!   MY LOVE GURU:)))


Six Pack Attack

12 Jan

Anyone seen a six pack that wiggle – Wiggle Wiggle ;)?I haven’t seen one,until I saw my own video from last summer. Boy!! It was hilarious!!. What was even better was the Lady in Pink who is standing on the left hand side,behind the lady with a bag.
My weight loss journey continues in 2013. Will keep you all posted on my next six pack move in 2013 😉 . Fill me in on your weight loss journey and any tricks and tips that worked for you. Would love to hear your story too.

Happy New Year-2013

1 Jan

Wishing all my blog readers a very HAPPY and a MEANINGFUL 2013!!  Hope each day of the year will  bring you  closer to the true meaning of life and not be carried away by the wind of change. The change that I hesitate to embrace but who sneaks into my life, when I am busy running the rat race. It’s only been 7 yrs since, I moved to New York City and I definitely love the feeling of  adrenaline  rush,when I go out there to make my dreams come true. However, the pace at which this city and the people  move  overwhelm me at  times.The Change in which we live in today is that-  MONEY & POWER  holds more value than any other other human values.The basic human values like honesty, integrity and loyalty  seem to be mere words in the dictionary. I refuse to be part of this CHANGE and this rat race and so…here is my resolution for 2013- To slow down my pace and to smell the fresh air every morning and thank Buddha for giving me another beautiful day to walk in his footstep.

Here is a quote that I saw in my 2013 Pocket Calender that is perfectly fits into my new year resolution:)

“The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you’r still a rat” Lily Tomlin.


Once again, sending you all lots of love , happiness and a prayer for a wonderful year ahead.Until  next time.. here  is prayer that is very close to my heart and I hope, it will add some meaning to your life as well.

Prayer to Generate Bodhichitta by Dalai Lama

With the wish to free all beings
I shall always go for refuge
To Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha
Until I reach full enlightenment

Inspired by wisdom and compassion,
Today, in the Buddha’s presence,
I generate the mind of full awakening
For the benefit of all sentient beings.

As long as space remains
As long as sentient beings remain
Until then may I too remain
And dispel the miseries of the world

Aunt Chime…

21 Dec

“Aunt Chime…. A hardworking person with big dreams. Takes lot of time to get ready. Changes her mind really quickly , I mean really quickly.She will be like, today we will do that then after five minutes, she will be like  oh let’s do that. She is a lazy-bum but works hard and fights for what she believes in. She doesn’t let anyone bring her down. She gets angry easily and takes her anger out on people, but that’s who she is and she’s perfect the way she is . I  am really lucky to have a chubby  Aunt like her”

This is how my 13 year old niece Dhasel   described me ,when I  had given her a writing assignment  – which was to write  briefly about someone you know. Boy! this took me by surprise. For sure , kids don’t lie (at least now)  but, I was amazed to know how  well she knew me inside out. Heads up to all the aunts out there –   Make sure you are setting a good example coz, today’s kids are not the kids that we were back then. They are definitely watching every step we take.Anyway.. this was a surprise from her  back in April 2012 , when she came to spend her spring break with me .

Today, when I got home  from work. Guess who was waiting eagerly for me ?? Of course,  none other then my  niece Dhasel .She came with my brother and family to spend the  weekend with me and mom.She gave me a big  tight hug  and said,”Ani, I have something for you” and reached out to the paper on the desk. I was very excited and thought , she had written an  essay. When I looked closely at the paper , this is what I saw..

photo (25)

A well-thought -out plan on where the two of us are going tomorrow to do her shopping.She is from Boston but has done her due research about the mall in my neighborhood and where her favorite stores are located. She even  knows exactly where she is going to have her  lunch. Did you ever do anything like this when you were 13 yr old?!  I definitely didn’t and I don’t think, I have done that even as  a grown up.  Kids, these days are full of surprises and  you can expect the unexpected from them.

photo (26)

I am back!!

15 Dec

Hi Everyone,

It seems like ages since, I wrote my last post. Did you guys wonder where I disappeared ??  Like my co-workers did yesterday, while we were on our way out for lunch.


Where is she???! She was right here with us?! Hmmm.. “CHIME , CHIME.. can you hear us ?”


Yvonne goes inside to look for me while the guys watch in disbelief at how quickly I disappeared.


the youngest guy in my team- Chris joins the search team and says -” Hey, is everything okay? did you find her?”


Hey.. Guys!!! Wait for me, I am here..!!

photo (19)

A happy reunion with the team.However….soon, it would be time to say good bye to our dear and my one and only female co-worker in my team- Yvonne. It’s is her last day at work. She is moving on to the next journey of her life.

photo (17)

All smiles except for our Dad-(The guy with glasses is our manager) who has traveled the world more then any of us and knows what is out there in the big bad world and hopes that she will be safe, where ever she goes.

photo (13)

This place where few minutes ago, was a place of happy reunion has now become a sweet memory.

Yesterday, was a sad moment for our team  as you know, parting is never easy. However, the news of the deadly Sandy Hook elementary shooting in Newton , Connecticut  was the worst way to part from your loved ones. 20 innocent children and 8 adults became the victim of person with a destructive mind. Sigh!!  This leaves me to wonder… if the world is indeed coming to an end in 2012?

Alas! we can’t sit on the couch and wait for our turn to part from the world. We each have a duty & responsibility to make this world a better place. This  is what motivates me to smile and get going when the dark clouds cover the beautiful blue sky.

“We are visitors on this planet. We are here for one hundred years at the very most. During that period we must try to do something good, something useful, with our lives. If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true meaning of life”

― H.H. The 14th Dalai Lama

Tibetans in Tibet are burning. What are we doing?

6 Nov

This is the picture of the Funeral ceremony for Dorjee Lhundup who was only 25yrs old when he set himself ablaze on Nov 4,2012 . According to the eye witness news,it was told that his last words were.. he was calling out for Freedom in Tibet and return of his Holiness Dalai Lama to Tibet. This is now the 63rd known self immolation by Tibetans since 2009.

On Saturday night before I heard this news. I was having a great time with my friends when.. all of a sudden , one of them looked up and said..”Ohh no, .. another Tibetan just died from self -immolation today”… It was heart breaking to hear some one so young as 25 years old sacrificing his life for Tibet and Tibetans. It’s easy to say but… it’s harder to even feel the pain that he must have felt  beforehe took this  drastic action

.. So, the next day, I tried to test my own inner strength and challenged myself to see if I even have the slightest courage and will power like my brave tibetans who died.Definitely I couldn’t & wouldn’t try burning myself so, the next option was “fasting” and see how long I could stay without food( which to me was the basic need for humans to survive but… the truth I realized is the real food human need to survive is FREEDOM.. without that, even the food doesn’t taste good. Fortunately, I live in America but, my heart is still with Tibet.)
I started my Fasting on Monday morning at 7:a.m and was surviving only on lemon juice(lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper mix) – its also called the Lemon detox diet. This is me after 30 hours of not eating food. I broke the fast today at 1p.m at work. I tried to go about my work and it was IMPOSSIBLE to focus on work or to even think straight . I wasn’t doing justice to my work so… I broke my fast after 30 long hours…
and headed to the nearest Thai restaurant to get a vegetable soup to break the fast.The waitress gave me a weird look and saw her whisper to her friends when I ordered only a soup and said, it was to stay.Anyway.. as soon as I drank few spoons of the soup, I had to run to the nearest restroom where I threw up everything I drank.. I took my check and explained to the waitress why I was here and what I was doing and what is going on in TIBET. she then.. changed her perspective and looked with an Human eye and said, “I feel you , I hear your pain” and she took this picture for me.
I later drank some orange juce and went back to work but… it was hard to focus anymore as, my body started feeling extremely weak, my mind wasn’t functioning well and I didn’t feel right just being physically present at work. So.. I took half day off and came home.. THIS IS ME IN MY LIVING ROOM READY TO COLLAPSE..
Today is Tuesday- it’s the big day for the American’s- The land of the free, home of the brave. They are casting their vote today and it reminded me ONCE again of my country- TIBET, I was once rejected a stay at the transit hotel in Qatar last year during my 16hr hour flight to Nepal , even though I had paid the same price for the ticket as everyone else who stayed at the hotel that night- the only difference was… I was not a CITIZEN of any country. Even though, I was a Permanent resident, the Immigration officer said,”I am sorry, We can’t take your responsibility since you don’t belong to any country”. I replied and said, “I do belong to a country called”TIBET” and I am a CITIZEN of Tibet but.. currently it is occupied by China and I am sure you are well aware of it” But… even then.. he rejected and said, ” sorry”

Well.. so here I am back in my living room eating my Tsampa with tea. It is my favorite food and I have that for most of my breakfast. It is the staple food for Tibetans and is basically barely flour. I usually make a porridge out of it with tea and eat it.That’s what I am having in this picture.

This whole experience of fasting was a very humbling experience. I fasted not for the country or for anyone but for my own self – to challenge my inner strength and to find way to lose weight but… it opened my eyes to the pains that our fellow brothers and sister are going through in Tibet . Hats off to them for their brave act and I pray that we don’t have to lose anymore lives to fight for Freedom. Hopefully Buddha will bring peace and harmony and FREEDOM to the land of Snow lion- Tibet.
It’s my sincere request to each of you to kindly take some moment of your time to  question – “WHY  TIBET  IS  BURNING AND WHAT CAN WE DO TO STOP IT??!” I think it is our moral responsibility and even if it means to just talk about TIBET and it’s situation
 to someone who doesn’t know(eg, like I did to the waitress in the restaurent) I think, we are making a change in our own little ways.
THANK YOU ALL AND IT IS LOVE AND PEACE THAT WILL UNITE ALL OF US AS HUMANS AND I HOPE WE CAN JOIN HANDS TO SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF PEACE AND STOP VIOLENCE.To my non- Tibetan friends- If you like to read more about the recent self -immolation and Tibet’s struggle for FREEDOM. Here is a very good and short article written by a Tibetan in the Standford Daily.
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