Tibetans in Tibet are burning. What are we doing?

6 Nov

This is the picture of the Funeral ceremony for Dorjee Lhundup who was only 25yrs old when he set himself ablaze on Nov 4,2012 . According to the eye witness news,it was told that his last words were.. he was calling out for Freedom in Tibet and return of his Holiness Dalai Lama to Tibet. This is now the 63rd known self immolation by Tibetans since 2009.

On Saturday night before I heard this news. I was having a great time with my friends when.. all of a sudden , one of them looked up and said..”Ohh no, .. another Tibetan just died from self -immolation today”… It was heart breaking to hear some one so young as 25 years old sacrificing his life for Tibet and Tibetans. It’s easy to say but… it’s harder to even feel the pain that he must have felt  beforehe took this  drastic action

.. So, the next day, I tried to test my own inner strength and challenged myself to see if I even have the slightest courage and will power like my brave tibetans who died.Definitely I couldn’t & wouldn’t try burning myself so, the next option was “fasting” and see how long I could stay without food( which to me was the basic need for humans to survive but… the truth I realized is the real food human need to survive is FREEDOM.. without that, even the food doesn’t taste good. Fortunately, I live in America but, my heart is still with Tibet.)
I started my Fasting on Monday morning at 7:a.m and was surviving only on lemon juice(lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper mix) – its also called the Lemon detox diet. This is me after 30 hours of not eating food. I broke the fast today at 1p.m at work. I tried to go about my work and it was IMPOSSIBLE to focus on work or to even think straight . I wasn’t doing justice to my work so… I broke my fast after 30 long hours…
and headed to the nearest Thai restaurant to get a vegetable soup to break the fast.The waitress gave me a weird look and saw her whisper to her friends when I ordered only a soup and said, it was to stay.Anyway.. as soon as I drank few spoons of the soup, I had to run to the nearest restroom where I threw up everything I drank.. I took my check and explained to the waitress why I was here and what I was doing and what is going on in TIBET. she then.. changed her perspective and looked with an Human eye and said, “I feel you , I hear your pain” and she took this picture for me.
I later drank some orange juce and went back to work but… it was hard to focus anymore as, my body started feeling extremely weak, my mind wasn’t functioning well and I didn’t feel right just being physically present at work. So.. I took half day off and came home.. THIS IS ME IN MY LIVING ROOM READY TO COLLAPSE..
Today is Tuesday- it’s the big day for the American’s- The land of the free, home of the brave. They are casting their vote today and it reminded me ONCE again of my country- TIBET, I was once rejected a stay at the transit hotel in Qatar last year during my 16hr hour flight to Nepal , even though I had paid the same price for the ticket as everyone else who stayed at the hotel that night- the only difference was… I was not a CITIZEN of any country. Even though, I was a Permanent resident, the Immigration officer said,”I am sorry, We can’t take your responsibility since you don’t belong to any country”. I replied and said, “I do belong to a country called”TIBET” and I am a CITIZEN of Tibet but.. currently it is occupied by China and I am sure you are well aware of it” But… even then.. he rejected and said, ” sorry”

Well.. so here I am back in my living room eating my Tsampa with tea. It is my favorite food and I have that for most of my breakfast. It is the staple food for Tibetans and is basically barely flour. I usually make a porridge out of it with tea and eat it.That’s what I am having in this picture.

This whole experience of fasting was a very humbling experience. I fasted not for the country or for anyone but for my own self – to challenge my inner strength and to find way to lose weight but… it opened my eyes to the pains that our fellow brothers and sister are going through in Tibet . Hats off to them for their brave act and I pray that we don’t have to lose anymore lives to fight for Freedom. Hopefully Buddha will bring peace and harmony and FREEDOM to the land of Snow lion- Tibet.
It’s my sincere request to each of you to kindly take some moment of your time to  question – “WHY  TIBET  IS  BURNING AND WHAT CAN WE DO TO STOP IT??!” I think it is our moral responsibility and even if it means to just talk about TIBET and it’s situation
 to someone who doesn’t know(eg, like I did to the waitress in the restaurent) I think, we are making a change in our own little ways.
THANK YOU ALL AND IT IS LOVE AND PEACE THAT WILL UNITE ALL OF US AS HUMANS AND I HOPE WE CAN JOIN HANDS TO SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF PEACE AND STOP VIOLENCE.To my non- Tibetan friends- If you like to read more about the recent self -immolation and Tibet’s struggle for FREEDOM. Here is a very good and short article written by a Tibetan in the Standford Daily.

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