Be Still.

12 Oct
Winter came and went  in the blink of an eye. However, there was no sign of  ‘Humor in everyday life’.Wonder if it’s the end of ‘humor in everyday life’ blog? or is she taking a power nap ?
photo (3)
or did  she take her new year resolution too seriously and left the rat race for good?! Can’t imagine her renouncing the worldly pleasures- especially, the joy of blogging and most of all checking Facebook updates & Instagram pic.(Which has now become the post popular entertainment channel with ‘live’ show & updates)
Hopefully, Spring would cheer things up and ‘Humor in everyday life’ would blossom  right  into our chaotic life
 Alas!  Even the sweet-scent of Spring  failed to  wake her up from the  deep slumber.Not even the clear blue sky and the warm summer breeze .
Now- we are left with a mixed feeling about ‘ humor in everyday life’. Not sure, if we should say ‘ Absence makes the heart grow fonder’  or ‘ Out of sight is out of mind’?
I hear you my friends! I truly do ! 🙂   –  Thanks to the new’ art’ of living  that I am trying to cultivate in my everyday life- ‘Be still’ even if it’s for a moment:)

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