1 Nov

How have you been?” was the message I saw in my facebook inbox yesterday from someone I met back in Oct 1998. “Am I , just daydreaming about the Halloween or was it real?!!!” – It took few minutes for this thought to sink in. It was a familiar  face that  I had seen back in 1998 during our  annual Tibetan Inter-Collegiate Sports meet in Bangalore, India.  He was the heartthrob of most of  the girls back then.Here is how our conversation went yesterday.

Well,  the truth is that I did write a poem about him but its not called “Who is he”? I guess.. everybody knew who he was except for me(I still don’t know who he is). To me- he was just a “Face” that left an impression in my mind. Hence the  title of the poem is “The FACE”. It’s is also true, that I never shared it with him or to anyone until today. I wouldn’t have dared to share it to any of my girlfriends back then in 1998 especially after seeing how the ladies fought over a “basketball”  during the game.  Jeez, even the quietest and the one you least expected  turned out be a  more violent then the rest.

I heard  from the very same girls  that he was a good “catch” and that there was another game going on behind the scene among the girls from different College & State. Of course  being a girl myself, I wanted to get a glimpse of this “Face” that was causing such a buzz . So, when I did get a glimpse of him… I couldn’t agree more  that he was  pretty charming  but… I made sure, I stayed out of “this” Game  coz, my priorities in life back then were different. I had promised my mom that I would stay out of trouble and I don’t think she would have been pleased to find me in a fist fight with girls over a  MAN.Anyway,… I didn’t  follow “this” game so.. I am not sure who eventually won his heart. But, I do remember who won the Basketball Game. The Girls from Chandigarh were the Winners and the Mysore girls(team I was in) took the second position.

Mysore Girls(Red) Vs the Bangalore Girls(Blue)

The girl in the front row with the bandana on her head is ME. We were the runners up and the winners were the girls in yellow from Chandigarh.

By the way, when I read the poem(not sure if I can call it a poem now- doesn’t sound like one) yesterday, I was laughing my heart out.What did I know about “LOVE” back then.  I had just got out of school and was in my first year of college. Thanks to all the Hollywood and the Bollywood movies like “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” , “Dil to Pagal Hai” and “Titanic”…. the list goes on..  that helped me to create an illusion of “LOVE”. Presenting the poem that has been concealed in my little diary since 1998…

Message to “Guri”(It’s a Tibetan word  which means “Bald”. my boyfriend gave this name to me when I shaved my head back in 2008. Since then.. I have also started calling him by the same name. Honestly, I prefer this name over  other names like “Honey” or “Dungzi”(in Tibetan) . The weirdest name  I have ever heard a Tibetan couple  use for each other was  “Papa” & “Mama”. That totally threw me off my  chair in the subway(that’s where I  heard). 

Guri-In my early twenties, Love was an Illusion and in my late twenties, Love was a Delusion and now in  my thirties, Love is beginning to  feel Real.However, mom  said, “this is just the beginning  and we  have many hurdles to cross in this journey of Love.”It’s been  a beautiful journey so far and I am confident that it will get better each year. For now I hope you know, that  even if  Denzel Washington(You know how crazy I am about him:) )  walks into my life and proposes to me, I will say “nay” in a heartbeat and be  with you forever. Love you Guri:)


2 Responses to “Serendipity”

  1. Tsering Lhamo November 3, 2012 at 11:24 #

    Vey ineresting Chime… I love the poem.. Very sweet and innocent.. 😉

    • Humor in EveryDay Life November 3, 2012 at 19:16 #

      i too had a good laugh when I read the poem. Seriously, what was I thinking back then.. 🙂

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