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Aunt Chime…

21 Dec

“Aunt Chime…. A hardworking person with big dreams. Takes lot of time to get ready. Changes her mind really quickly , I mean really quickly.She will be like, today we will do that then after five minutes, she will be like  oh let’s do that. She is a lazy-bum but works hard and fights for what she believes in. She doesn’t let anyone bring her down. She gets angry easily and takes her anger out on people, but that’s who she is and she’s perfect the way she is . I  am really lucky to have a chubby  Aunt like her”

This is how my 13 year old niece Dhasel   described me ,when I  had given her a writing assignment  – which was to write  briefly about someone you know. Boy! this took me by surprise. For sure , kids don’t lie (at least now)  but, I was amazed to know how  well she knew me inside out. Heads up to all the aunts out there –   Make sure you are setting a good example coz, today’s kids are not the kids that we were back then. They are definitely watching every step we take.Anyway.. this was a surprise from her  back in April 2012 , when she came to spend her spring break with me .

Today, when I got home  from work. Guess who was waiting eagerly for me ?? Of course,  none other then my  niece Dhasel .She came with my brother and family to spend the  weekend with me and mom.She gave me a big  tight hug  and said,”Ani, I have something for you” and reached out to the paper on the desk. I was very excited and thought , she had written an  essay. When I looked closely at the paper , this is what I saw..

photo (25)

A well-thought -out plan on where the two of us are going tomorrow to do her shopping.She is from Boston but has done her due research about the mall in my neighborhood and where her favorite stores are located. She even  knows exactly where she is going to have her  lunch. Did you ever do anything like this when you were 13 yr old?!  I definitely didn’t and I don’t think, I have done that even as  a grown up.  Kids, these days are full of surprises and  you can expect the unexpected from them.

photo (26)


Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Wishing all my blog readers a very Happy Halloween from me and my cute little niece Yangchen. She is the Apple of my eye. I am thinking fondly of her on this occasion as I am sure, there is no one more excited about the Halloween then her in our family tonight. She is the youngest  & the cutest in our family.

Just the two of us

22 Jul

There is never a dull moment, when I am with my cute niece  Yangchen(3yrs old). She  is the little celebrity in our family and it’s a pleasure to take a picture with her.So during one of  my visit to her place in Boston(May 2012), We had a photo-shoot  with a small crew. Let me introduce you to the crew.

Photographer:  Dhasel ( Her elder sis- another cute  niece of my mine- She is 13yrs old)

Director :  little  Yangchen( ofcourse!)

Guest of Honor: Their Aunt(or”Ani” in tibetan)  Chime.

Below are the behind -the- scene snaps from the photo shoot.

Our Celebrity Yangchen was  pleased with the outcome of  the Photo- Shoot & entertained us with this amazing performance.

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