I will always LOVE you…..

20 Jan

Not sure when it all began.. but it definitely dates back to my childhood days when I was in  the boarding school. That’s when you would come  along with my mom when she came to visit me or with my friends parents.You were  very quite and shy but extremely attractive and charming. All the girls in school couldn’t   take their eyes off you and would wait for me to  introduce you to them. When I did , everyone dived right into you- like as if you were the most delicious treat they ever tasted. Well, what can I say….. you were our Knight in shinning Armour and we were all  Rapunzel waiting to be rescued by you from the boarding school.

I thought, things would change once we went to College. Supposedly  by then, we would have grown up and out of the fairy tale world. Surprisingly , nothing changed when it came to you ,except you didn’t visit us anymore  with our parents  instead made your rare appearance on special occasions like Valentines Day or on Birth Day’s.You were no longer the Shy guy from school but the  lover every girl wanted to flaunt. You would fall on your knee and  shower the girls  with all the lines you crammed up from the Bollywood movies you studied diligently the night before. Honestly, no matter how cheesy those lines were, every single girl in the college fell for it. They didn’t care how many girlfriends you  had or have. They still  longed to be in your arms. Boy, now when I think of it, you were a real PLAYER !!(Was George Clooney your favorite actor back then?) Anyway.. .I was a silent spectator and was busy in my little world of hockey games & books. I did notice you though  and of course  I did have a crush on  you..however.. I wasn’t crazy about you like the rest.

After we graduated from College and  went our separate ways into the REAL world.I don’t recall  seeing you again. Getting out of  the college was fun since there were no more test(Exam)to worry about. Those dreadful test that gave me many sleepless nights. However, it didn’t dawn on me that those were just MOCK test  until I stepped out of the College Gate.

As I began to  gradually unravel the true fairly tale of life & tried to pass each “liv(f)e” test with flying colors- I  did pretty okay on all the subject except when it came to LOVE. I  had no clue about this subject especially when it came to loving a man. Having been raised in a all girl convent school and college and with minimal interaction with the opposite sex, it was hard for me to understand  them. I picked up few books like “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”  but… nothing seemed to help.  I drove them all nuts and they did the same, because the language of  our hearts were so different. Just when, I was about  to give up on this subject and say, “What the F…, I don’t care anymore..”, that’s when YOU came along. I didn’t recognize you at first  since it s been a while since we last met. However, when you held me in your arms  and kissed me on my forehead and said , “Girl, I got your back. I promise  you will pass this exam with flying colors, now that I am with you!”. I felt  a deep sense of relief  and respect for my new found Teacher.(Why did I not think of him earlier???.He had scored extremely well in this subject back in College and maybe was even better PLAYER then George Clooney.)You instantly spotted my  weakness in this subject and with patience, imparted your  knowledge about love and how to embrace  it without choking it  with insecurity and fear.

There was no turning back after that.I was on cloud 9 and felt I had the whole world in my palms. The journey of life after that was one long honeymoon……until, I woke up one day with severe tooth ache and my regular pants refuse to accept me. That’s when another  reality lightning  struck  me !! .  I had become so dependent on you  to the point that , every time  I felt I was falling off the cliff, I would reach my hands out to you. You were the answer to all the grey areas in my life. The consequence – I  now have 12 cavities and my pant size went from 6 to 8 and even the  8 is making a fuss.

It’s time for me to apply the last lesson you taught  me about LOVE – which is to let go even when you love someone dearly. It’s time we part our ways before I lose the very last tooth I have.Trust me, I will be fine and you will always be in my thoughts and of course  I will come and visit you occasionally  on Valentines day and my B’day but… not everyday. I will always love  you……….  – MY DEAR CHOCOLATE!!!   MY LOVE GURU:)))


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