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Miss Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath

30 Oct

Hi Everyone!!!

I am back!!  Still alive and kicking after the Hurricane Sandy.I thank my lucky star and Buddha for his blessings and protection.I don’t think, I alone could have  faced  the wrath of  Miss Sandy.I heard few succumbed to her wrath and died in the city. My prayers are with them.She was  not only furious but was totally out of control. She stormed right into  our  city and my neighborhood.  It took  a  lot of cajoling  from  Jesus, Buddha, Allah , Lord Ganesh  and many others to calm her down. She was indeed extremely unhappy with the way, we humans have been taking her for granted and treating her with dis respect.  Boy, I definitely don’t want to mess with her, she is one lady, you don’t want to provoke. I have learnt my lesson and will respect her at all times.

By the way, for a women- her strength was  phenomenal. She can easily knock out Mike Tyson or Manny Pacquiao  with one punch.I can bet my life on that :).I thought, I was one wild lady but…. after seeing Miss Sandy, I think  I need to redefine my definition of “wild”.

Here are few pictures I  took today in my neighborhood . I will leave it for you to judge her strength.  By the way, the dates on the pictures are for tomorrow.I did not realize it until, I posted them here… I guess, that tells a lot about New Yorkers. We always want to be ahead of time and it’s no surprise that  we are always running out of breath.

Until next time…. Adious’ Amegious!

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