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21 Oct

One morning, my mom and I had a  very interesting conversation which went like this…

Me:  Ama, “Ra-Ma- Lhuk”  lap-na  gha-ri Lap- ki- yo  rey?

Mom:  Khey-rang ki  Bho-kay gyap- tang di-la ” Rama-Ma- Lhuk” lap-ki rey.

Me: Gha-ri  jhey- ney?

Mom: Khey-rang ki Bho- key tsang-ma gyab-ki min-duk.Bho-kay yin-pay so. yang.. gya-kar kay yin-pa da-bu. Khen-tsa  po chig  gyab-ki duk.

Me:Ying -gi ma- rey! Ama rung  kho-no shor yin-ki rey. Nga, Bho-key tsang- ma gyab ki yo.

Mom:  Dhin- deh  yin-na,  khye-rang nga-la Bho-key gyab- ni doom nyen-po chig  shey-da.

Me: Yin -da-yin! Nga- rang  doom she-ya ga-pu yo.

Me: Nga  nyi-ma  chig   sho-key  AA-RAAM  jhey- ney  PAA-LANG  gung-la nye-dey yo. Chu-tso kay chen-po gyab -duk  lum-sang chom-yin.Mik che-ka dang ney  nga-rang  CHA-PPAL tsey -yin nye- ma-song. Dhi-ki tsabh-la  JHU-THAA  chen-po  nye duk.Khen-tsa …  JHU-THAA  kho-rang  KU-SHI  jhe-ney nga -tsa la lep yin-sa  rey (Some- su)

Dhi jhe-la nga thap-tsang nang -la  jha len-ka dro yin. Jha min-duk. Dhi-ki tsabh -la  THA-LING  nung la Dre da DA-LI duk. Chu-tso la yang-gyu chig ta yin…..BARA- BHAJI  sim- tsa- sha. Wo-tsi-la!!! Nga  dhen- dey nye-shor sha some-song.   oooh! Tha-ri sa  Nyi-ma rey!! CHU-TI  rey!!! ” Ga-wa la, ki-pa-la , la  la ” lap-ki  lap-ki  nga drong-mo nyam- do  GAA-RI nang -la  gya -sa la khyam- ka dro yin. Ki-po thang-yin. PAY-SHA   mang-po tor yin. Ak-sa  jhey ney, Chanel lap-ni  khong-chen po JHO-LA nu-yen. Den-di  jhey-ney  Nyima PU-RA zo song. 

Dhi … nye-ki  sa  Nyi-ma  doom  rey. Yak-po duk waii?

Mom:  Waii, “Ra-ma-lhuk!!!” Dhi doom rey -waii ya ngo-ney rey way? Dhen- di Chi-pu nye-ney  dhu-tso   tro-la tang-nye gha wa yo rey?

Me: Doom rey, ngo-ney- ma-rey. Sa Nyima  nga sho-kay chu-tso dhun-pa langi yo. Luk-tsey  tsey-ga do ki yo, dhe jhe-la  nga, Bho- yik  zin-da  dro ki yo.

Mom: Dhey -di yin- na yak-po rey. Mey-na, shung- ma so so luungh-pa  Bho la  lep-du ngo- tsa-po  cha yong. Bho-la,  ra-wang dhon-dhak  bho-pa tso,  so-so meh-tra tang- ghi yo- rey. Khe-rang  Bho-kay tsang- ma   chig gyab ma- thuk na …. ngo  ts-po pay rey.

Me: Lo.. lo Ama.

Note to those who don’t speak Tibetan:

The above post is an anecdote  to illustrate  how some of the Tibetans(especially like me – born and raised in India) frequently use Indian words  in our everyday conversation. We have become oblivious of the fact that our own Tibetan  language is slowly but surely  turning  into what my mom calls “Rama- Lhuk“.  Ra-Ma-Lhuk” is a Tibetan word whose literal meaning  is Neither Goat(Ra) nor Sheep(Lhuk)”  but I love the way my mom used this  word to describe my hodgepodge Tibetan dialect.  So.. in my endeavor to  speak fluent Tibetan Language, I came up with a Tibetan Language game  called  The Ra-ma- Lhuk word game” . I tested this game with few of my friends last night and it was a great SUCCESS. We all had an awesome night and definitely become more conscious of our  need to  speak fluent Tibetan  at all times. 


Initially when I introduced the game and read the rules & the rewards .. My friends didn’t look that interested. However, they were pretty supportive and gave some awesome feedback and suggestion and we started the game.

The minute we started the game. There was no stopping at all. We were all laughing so hard at how weird we sounded when we had to speak fluent tibetan without borrowing any word from any other language.It was almost 2:45 in the morning so.. I had to keep an eye on the watch and had to tell the team that we got to stop by 3a.m or else… the neighbors would call the cops.


Barnes & Noble- Where minds meet.

29 Sep

This is one of my favorite  place  that instantly helps me to unwind after a long day of work  or when I am having  a rough day. I am not an avid reader but, I love the company of books. Every time, I walk into a  Barnes and Nobles bookstore- I am taken into a whole new world  – A world where, people from all walks of life are  sitting quietly on the shelves ready to tell their stories,when YOU are ready to listen.They are a big source of inspiration and entertainment for me. However, with e-book and all the new gadgets like Kindle and Nook – I  fear that  soon, this  place  would also disappear like many other bookstores in the city that are going out of business.

Today, my  friend and  I decided to  unwind and spend the Friday evening at Barnes and Noble bookstore located on 14 Union square,NY.In the past, when he finds me spending time at  this place, he would find it weird and would wonder why I would sit here when there are so many other ways to have fun like- going to the bar or dancing away the night with friends( which is what he loves doing on a Friday night).He wanted to figure out  and  decided to spend an evening reading with me at  this place. There was no turning back after that & it has now become our favorite  hang out place.

Look who I ran into today at  Barnes and Noble??

As I  walked  towards my favorite category- “Business”, I was thrilled to see  a familiar face – Denzel on the front cover!!! Yuhoo!! Couldn’t be happier.

They say, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover-  However, it’s hard not to,  when you have Denzel on the cover. My gut  tells me, its going to be  worth the money so.. I grabbed it from the shelf

At the Gift section, I ran into Buddha. He was in the form of a  Buddha board – a product  inspired by the zen idea of  living in the moment. You simply paint on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design.Then, as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clear slate and a clear mind- ready to create a whole new masterpiece. I loved the concept & idea but…couldn’t think of a friend who would like to paint on a board where your artwork “magically disappears”.

I looked around for my friend as I wanted to go the ground floor to check out the documentary section…  and guess, where I found him?? – Lucky me :))

At the documentary section, this  is what grabbed my attention- “IF fashion is a Religion,  this is the Bible”.It is documentary film about the behind- the -scene drama that follows Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour & her team during the production of the Sept 2007 American Vogue Magazine.  It was  released in 2009  but  back then… I  had just stepped in to the door of the fashion Industry and  didn’t have any clue about what goes on behind the  glitz and glamour of the fashion world.After spending the last  4 years  working for  a company that is known for featuring  fashions from across the globe, I couldn’t resist buying this DVD.(better late than never)

This is me with my new found friends who are going to spend the weekend with me.

A perfect way to end a beautiful day.

“I try to lose it, but it keeps finding me?? ”

15 Sep

It’s been a while since, I wrote about my progress on  my weight loss goal. Well…. the reason I guess is pretty obvious 😦  I haven’t made any progress. This is where I am at the moment. Not very proud of myself…… (But.. I guess, its human to  fall down and  get side-tracked – good excuse 🙂 )

I am at a ” LAZY POINT” stage in my weight loss journey 🙂 I managed to hide my “weight” pretty well in this picture… that’s coz, I just got lucky with this picture. But, trust me , they are all there if you look closely.:(

I have to find a new hiding place and a new strategy to win this  long battle  with my weight. It seems to find me no matter where I hide 😦

Today, I was buried in my work  and  didn’t expect “weight” to find me but…. as I mentioned earlier, it managed to  find me again!!!   It came hiding in a huge box   disguised as a 10 yr Anniversary  present to our office from Momofuku Milk Bar( . When we opened the huge box, it was  not just few cookies, it was an entire army of irresistible   assorted cookies who had come all ready to attack our sweet tooth. When it passed by me to the kitchen table, I   took  a quick glance at the box  and went back to  work…. only to find myself few.. minutes later, at the kitchen table,  eating a corn cookie. Then… seconds before, I was ready to leave home from work, I took a another corn cookie- they tasted so good .

Oooh boy!!!  How do I get this weight  off my body?!  if you are reading this and you are sailing in the same boat, please join my army and lets win this battle together. At least,  before Christmas so, we can celebrate our  victory on New Year’s Eve. Are we ready?? 🙂

K-POP MAKEOVER at Opening Ceremony FNO 2012 – Part 1

7 Sep

I just got home an hour ago from Opening Ceremony Fashion’s Night Out at the Ace Hotel.I had an awesome night out. Ofcourse, when  it is hosted by Opening Ceremony(,you always end up  going  home feeling inspired, enchanted and amazed at how they pulled off  yet another successful & fun event . This year, Opening Ceremony’s  Fashion’s Night Out theme was inspired by the country that they are featuring, which is KOREA.(( ) My personal highlight of tonight’s  event was not only the Book signing of the Opening Ceremony Book( by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon , but also the K-POP  MAKEOVER  which was free. The only price one had to pay was  their “Time”. I waited for almost hour and half  to get my make over but….. it was worth the wait  and I am certain, all my readers will chime in on  this after they see the pictures of these amazing  make overs.

The last picture  of the lady   who seems  to be  having a hair raising- moment is ME. To see the complete story of my make over and the end   result….   look out for the next  blog post – PART  2.  Until then… good night and sweet dreams of K-POP. 😉

The World’s longest receipt……

19 Aug

I am planning to enter the Guinness book of World record for getting the longest receipt for purchasing a single copy of The New York Times paper.Have any of you received or seen anyone get  a receipt longer then the one I am holding in this picture? If you have seen one, please keep me posted 🙂

Yesterday, I went to my usual store(CVS) to buy the “The New York Times” paper and had an unusual experience.

hmmm…. what is going on with the receipt??!

I asked my friend, ” Hey , do you see this receipt  or Am I just dreaming?” ( I wanted to make sure I was fully awake)

My friend confirmed that I wasn’t dreaming  and that  I might have just  made it to the the Guinness Book of World  record for getting the longest receipt . I don’t know about the  World record, but it definitely  broke my own record for getting the longest receipt for a newspaper.

Little Italy, NYC

9 Aug

Yesterday, on my way out for lunch, I passed by the busy street of  “Little Italy”.(Little Italy is a neighborhood in lower Manhattan, New York City, once known for its large population of Italians. Chinatown, has encroached on much of Little Italy and Mulberry Street between Broome and Canal Streets, is all that is left of the old Italian neighborhood)I have walked by  this street umpteen times,but never saw  these sign boards until yesterday.I am sure, the same must have happened with the Chinese in the neighborhood or they haven’t seen the movie “GODFATHER”. Either way, I hope it will make them think twice  the next time, they  plan to take their”SPACE”.

From Korea!( By way of Joyce)

17 Jul

Today, after eating a hearty, home cooked lunch prepared by my mom. I walked to the office Kitchen to get a glass of water and something caught my attention. It was  a colorful box with a little sticky note  lying  quietly on the kitchen counter.

There she was…

When I went closer, this is what I found. A “treat” not only for the mouth but for the eyes as well.

Assorted collection of Jeju Chocolates. “Jeju” is name of a volcanic island south of Korea and is also called the “Hawaii of Korea”. This is where these amazing chocolates are made.

It was a  gift from our sweet Joyce  who  had just returned from her vacation to Korea.

Jeju Green Tea, Jeju Cactus, Jeju Tangerine, Jeju Kiwi Chocolate… they were all looking so pretty.

Ofcourse, when it comes to chocholate,  I am always ahead of the herd( well.. thats what I thought) until, I saw my manager take the first pick. (Fair enough.) My first pick   was t he “Jeju Green Tea chocholate.” I was proud of my pick coz, it was one of the best chocolate I have ever tasted.

I walked  back to the kitchen again around 4p.m to check on my  new found friend Jeju. After all, she came all the way  from Korea just for us.  (Do you remember your first  day at work and how you  felt like a total stranger? I  didn’t want Jeju to  feel the same. ). This is how she looked when  I saw her at 4 p.m.

Hmmm….. looks like, people in the office were really busy. Nobody stopped by to say”Hello”. So, I gave a pat on the back and said, ” I am sure they will come by…… Just have to be little patient”. On my way out of the kitchen, I tried the Jeju Tangerine Chocolate( yummmm…slurp!)

Sure  enough, they did. This is how she  looked  when I went back to check on her at  7 p.m before I headed home.

I was glad  to see that, “Jeju”  had  found a place in everyone’s heart(& stomach) and made their day. A special thanks to my collegue Joyce for  the  gift and for introducing us to “Jeju” Chocolates. We love you both.

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