HURRICANE SANDY – Are you really coming?!

29 Oct

My younger sister called from Canada and said, “Acha, don’t underestimate the fury of Hurricane Sandy. Please make sure you are taking all the precuationary measures and stay safe.”

If indeed, Miss Sandy  turns out to be worse than expected and if all communication channel  fails. Here is a message to all the people far and near who have touched my life.

“ I love you all.At times, I might have shouted at some of you  or annoyed you to the point ,where you wanted to pull out the very last hair standing on our head. I hope  you  know that, it too was my LOVE expressed in my own annoying ways 🙂 . At this very second, when I close my eyes and reflect- all I see is nothing but the beautiful moments & the special ways in which, each of you have touched my life. I want to thank  you all for being part of  this wonderful journey and hope our paths cross again”

Leaving behind few thoughts that over the years, have   become the pillar of  my life . It is very well captured in this Wishing Fountain picture that I took a while back at the New York Botanical Garden.


Potential:  The ripple effect Never underestimate your own potential and never think  that,you are just one individual and cannot make an impact or achieve your goal.Every single action of yours creates a ripple effect. Slowly but surely, you are one step closer to your goal. Stay positive and  never lose your  self  confidence.

Contentment: Just like the way we throw our coins in the fountain and make a wish for something better.  Haven’t we all done that at some point in our life ??! In our pursuit for happiness, we fail to see & appreciate what we have , instead we  run after things that  we don’t have. In the  end, we end up losing what we have.

Reflection: The reflection of the tree in the fountain  reminds me  of one of the key fundamental principle which helps one to maintain sanity and humanity. In this fast paced life where time is money and money is time,  we lose track of  the true essence of life . It is when we need to pause and do a reality check through reflection on our own actions.

Last but not the least, I will definitely continue to pray to Buddha to  tame  Miss Hurricane  Sandy. I hope this will be a wake up call to all of us to live each moment  positively.


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