21 Oct

One morning, my mom and I had a  very interesting conversation which went like this…

Me:  Ama, “Ra-Ma- Lhuk”  lap-na  gha-ri Lap- ki- yo  rey?

Mom:  Khey-rang ki  Bho-kay gyap- tang di-la ” Rama-Ma- Lhuk” lap-ki rey.

Me: Gha-ri  jhey- ney?

Mom: Khey-rang ki Bho- key tsang-ma gyab-ki min-duk.Bho-kay yin-pay so. yang.. gya-kar kay yin-pa da-bu. Khen-tsa  po chig  gyab-ki duk.

Me:Ying -gi ma- rey! Ama rung  kho-no shor yin-ki rey. Nga, Bho-key tsang- ma gyab ki yo.

Mom:  Dhin- deh  yin-na,  khye-rang nga-la Bho-key gyab- ni doom nyen-po chig  shey-da.

Me: Yin -da-yin! Nga- rang  doom she-ya ga-pu yo.

Me: Nga  nyi-ma  chig   sho-key  AA-RAAM  jhey- ney  PAA-LANG  gung-la nye-dey yo. Chu-tso kay chen-po gyab -duk  lum-sang chom-yin.Mik che-ka dang ney  nga-rang  CHA-PPAL tsey -yin nye- ma-song. Dhi-ki tsabh-la  JHU-THAA  chen-po  nye duk.Khen-tsa …  JHU-THAA  kho-rang  KU-SHI  jhe-ney nga -tsa la lep yin-sa  rey (Some- su)

Dhi jhe-la nga thap-tsang nang -la  jha len-ka dro yin. Jha min-duk. Dhi-ki tsabh -la  THA-LING  nung la Dre da DA-LI duk. Chu-tso la yang-gyu chig ta yin…..BARA- BHAJI  sim- tsa- sha. Wo-tsi-la!!! Nga  dhen- dey nye-shor sha some-song.   oooh! Tha-ri sa  Nyi-ma rey!! CHU-TI  rey!!! ” Ga-wa la, ki-pa-la , la  la ” lap-ki  lap-ki  nga drong-mo nyam- do  GAA-RI nang -la  gya -sa la khyam- ka dro yin. Ki-po thang-yin. PAY-SHA   mang-po tor yin. Ak-sa  jhey ney, Chanel lap-ni  khong-chen po JHO-LA nu-yen. Den-di  jhey-ney  Nyima PU-RA zo song. 

Dhi … nye-ki  sa  Nyi-ma  doom  rey. Yak-po duk waii?

Mom:  Waii, “Ra-ma-lhuk!!!” Dhi doom rey -waii ya ngo-ney rey way? Dhen- di Chi-pu nye-ney  dhu-tso   tro-la tang-nye gha wa yo rey?

Me: Doom rey, ngo-ney- ma-rey. Sa Nyima  nga sho-kay chu-tso dhun-pa langi yo. Luk-tsey  tsey-ga do ki yo, dhe jhe-la  nga, Bho- yik  zin-da  dro ki yo.

Mom: Dhey -di yin- na yak-po rey. Mey-na, shung- ma so so luungh-pa  Bho la  lep-du ngo- tsa-po  cha yong. Bho-la,  ra-wang dhon-dhak  bho-pa tso,  so-so meh-tra tang- ghi yo- rey. Khe-rang  Bho-kay tsang- ma   chig gyab ma- thuk na …. ngo  ts-po pay rey.

Me: Lo.. lo Ama.

Note to those who don’t speak Tibetan:

The above post is an anecdote  to illustrate  how some of the Tibetans(especially like me – born and raised in India) frequently use Indian words  in our everyday conversation. We have become oblivious of the fact that our own Tibetan  language is slowly but surely  turning  into what my mom calls “Rama- Lhuk“.  Ra-Ma-Lhuk” is a Tibetan word whose literal meaning  is Neither Goat(Ra) nor Sheep(Lhuk)”  but I love the way my mom used this  word to describe my hodgepodge Tibetan dialect.  So.. in my endeavor to  speak fluent Tibetan Language, I came up with a Tibetan Language game  called  The Ra-ma- Lhuk word game” . I tested this game with few of my friends last night and it was a great SUCCESS. We all had an awesome night and definitely become more conscious of our  need to  speak fluent Tibetan  at all times. 


Initially when I introduced the game and read the rules & the rewards .. My friends didn’t look that interested. However, they were pretty supportive and gave some awesome feedback and suggestion and we started the game.

The minute we started the game. There was no stopping at all. We were all laughing so hard at how weird we sounded when we had to speak fluent tibetan without borrowing any word from any other language.It was almost 2:45 in the morning so.. I had to keep an eye on the watch and had to tell the team that we got to stop by 3a.m or else… the neighbors would call the cops.


3 Responses to “Ra-Ma-Lhuk”

  1. kelsang October 23, 2012 at 12:59 #

    Hi Chime.. I can see Ra dhan Luk in the pictures, wish had join in , moment I realize you guys on this practical test, I think this is great entertainment at the same. Presuming
    Tashi did forefront ahead.This is pure recall for me , will cautious on every note I shall articulate … Aa lu …ma sa na …Dhal …chik po thung ya yin… ma re ma re….
    Beer dhan Chips yakpo do sa re….
    I enjoyed this reading and anticipate your dictionary of new tibetan words…

    • Humor in EveryDay Life October 29, 2012 at 17:24 #

      Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the story of Ra dhan Luk ki kay 🙂 I will definitely keep you posted when the new Tibetan dictionary is released. Until then.. have fun and lets play the “Ra-ma- Lhuk” Game.

  2. Chimy October 29, 2012 at 23:11 #

    Enjoyed the convo between ur mom and u..haha

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