Nostalgic Trip to Vermont

30 Sep

My mom  was all praises about how beautiful this place is and how it made her feel at home. A home away from home(Tibet).She was there for 2 weeks at  her friends house. Last weekend, we drove from Boston to  Vermont to pick her up.I was there only for a night and barely had time to do the usual tourist sightseeing but, the little that I saw, was enough to leave a lasting impression. It was indeed a nostalgic trip  where I felt the spirit of Tibet and Tibetans everywhere.

Here is  my visual treat to all my blog readers:)

We made a brief  stop in New Hampshire to attend to natures call:) and look what we stumbled upon??

I spent the night at our family friend’s house -They were the most wonderful Tibetan family, I have met in a long time. Here I met an uncle (he was in his 60’s) who to me was like the Father figure of Tibet.He inspired & reminded me of my roots and to live up to the expectation of our older generation. I am forever grateful to him for all the wisdom he shared generously and I pray for his long life and hope  all his dreams come true.

In the morning, as   we bid goodbye and  exchanged hugs, it was strange  but…  I felt  a lump in my throat  and  ran and  gave another hug to the Uncle I never  met before .It felt , as if I was parting from my country(Tibet)  that I haven’t visited for years.  However.. as we  drove  few minutes   from their house….  there was another surprise waiting for us. I saw the Tibetan flag in the distance and we had to make a stop to pay a quick visit . It was the G.G.T. Inn( A Tibetan Inn run by a Tibetan Couple.

It was owned by Kalsang GGT who arrived in Vermont in 1993 with no formal education, no material possession and spoke very little English. After 11 years,  he bought this motel  and made his American dream come true. Kudos to Kalsang la!!!   We need more  Tibetans like him.He was a very  friendly and a humble guy. He welcomed us with open arms and offered tea. Too bad, we didn’t have time to sit and chat for long as we had to rush back to the city.

The rest of the drive  back to Boston was blissful.We got a glimpse of the fall foliage , although it was little too early and the colors of  the leaves were just beginning to change.

We stopped at this local store to pick up some snacks and I saw this Board with the beautiful proverb – If I were to describe  my trip to Vermont in one sentence,- This would be the perfect line .

Finally,  here I am on my way back to New York. Relaxed, refreshed and trying to relive those blissful moments spent in Vermont.


2 Responses to “Nostalgic Trip to Vermont”

  1. tsewang October 1, 2012 at 09:47 #

    wow chime, thanks for the beautiful ride and reflections… through your eyes. I am glad it turned out to be more than just a trip.. to beautiful autum vermont . it must have been a bit of soul searching, reconnecting to your roots and the pride of being a Tibetan. i heard about your trip when i called last time , now i got to see your pics…i am sure ama had a great time in vermont. my mom sends her regards…

    • Humor in EveryDay Life October 6, 2012 at 13:04 #

      Thanks Tsewang. I am glad you enjoyed the ride 🙂 Sending my love to your mom and family.

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