Barnes & Noble- Where minds meet.

29 Sep

This is one of my favorite  place  that instantly helps me to unwind after a long day of work  or when I am having  a rough day. I am not an avid reader but, I love the company of books. Every time, I walk into a  Barnes and Nobles bookstore- I am taken into a whole new world  – A world where, people from all walks of life are  sitting quietly on the shelves ready to tell their stories,when YOU are ready to listen.They are a big source of inspiration and entertainment for me. However, with e-book and all the new gadgets like Kindle and Nook – I  fear that  soon, this  place  would also disappear like many other bookstores in the city that are going out of business.

Today, my  friend and  I decided to  unwind and spend the Friday evening at Barnes and Noble bookstore located on 14 Union square,NY.In the past, when he finds me spending time at  this place, he would find it weird and would wonder why I would sit here when there are so many other ways to have fun like- going to the bar or dancing away the night with friends( which is what he loves doing on a Friday night).He wanted to figure out  and  decided to spend an evening reading with me at  this place. There was no turning back after that & it has now become our favorite  hang out place.

Look who I ran into today at  Barnes and Noble??

As I  walked  towards my favorite category- “Business”, I was thrilled to see  a familiar face – Denzel on the front cover!!! Yuhoo!! Couldn’t be happier.

They say, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover-  However, it’s hard not to,  when you have Denzel on the cover. My gut  tells me, its going to be  worth the money so.. I grabbed it from the shelf

At the Gift section, I ran into Buddha. He was in the form of a  Buddha board – a product  inspired by the zen idea of  living in the moment. You simply paint on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design.Then, as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clear slate and a clear mind- ready to create a whole new masterpiece. I loved the concept & idea but…couldn’t think of a friend who would like to paint on a board where your artwork “magically disappears”.

I looked around for my friend as I wanted to go the ground floor to check out the documentary section…  and guess, where I found him?? – Lucky me :))

At the documentary section, this  is what grabbed my attention- “IF fashion is a Religion,  this is the Bible”.It is documentary film about the behind- the -scene drama that follows Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour & her team during the production of the Sept 2007 American Vogue Magazine.  It was  released in 2009  but  back then… I  had just stepped in to the door of the fashion Industry and  didn’t have any clue about what goes on behind the  glitz and glamour of the fashion world.After spending the last  4 years  working for  a company that is known for featuring  fashions from across the globe, I couldn’t resist buying this DVD.(better late than never)

This is me with my new found friends who are going to spend the weekend with me.

A perfect way to end a beautiful day.


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