27 Sep

Today when I went to the local Deli store  to pick up a  snack. I noticed some new  brands, that had  found a home at this Deli.As my eyes wandered  through the assorted  collection of chips, I saw a strange looking  packet on the topmost shelf. It had a price tag of $5.95 and was called “Brad’s Raw Chips.”I had to rub my eyes few times to see the price tag.

I looked closer to see what in the world did these  chips have that the rest of  its cousins didn’t have. It turns out that they were all “raw, natural, not baked & not fried”

It was prepared by our very own Brad  in his attempt to overcome his weight issue . He introduces himself as a “ Typical American guy-overweight, high cholesterol,low energy,didn’t sleep  well. Sounds Familiar?” – and I go, “Of course, it sounds familiar and it is not just American, it’s everyone these days!”(I think)

to learn more about “Brad and his products”

It sounded very interesting and I  was tempted to try one but… I preferred to go with my  good old  brand – “Sun chips”  and  headed to the  Juice section. All of a sudden, I was almost blinded by the  bright ray that was coming from refrigerator. As I opened the  door ,I saw  a “halo” around the  juice bottle that  went by the name “Kombucha” and was labelled as “Enlightened.” It was a “Living food for the Living Body.”(Don’t quote me on this, I am only writing what was on the label: ) ) They might as well call themselves  the “living Buddha.”Maybe they are saving that name for that “ultimate drink.” Wow!! I didn’t know that raw and organic food had such impact on the human mind & body!!  This sounds more fun than Yoga or the Gym.

PRICE TAG – IS “ONLY” – $3.50

fyi – this drink also helps you to “reawaken, rebirth, repurpose and redefine” your life.

Every time  I complain about my weight and  blame the food or anyone but myself, my brother tells me. “It’s about the Choice you make that determine’s who you are or who you become.So, stop whining and start making wise choices in life”. My choice was Option 2.(Was that wise?! I donno.. )

These were   my choices.

Option 1– Raw & Organic food                Option 2 : Pure Green Tea + Multigrain

chips- $5.95                                                              Chips – $1.09

drink -$3.5                                                           drink  – $2.00

Grand total: $9.00                                           Grand total – $3.09

“You don’t have to break the bank to have me. I am still healthy although not completely raw and organic”

Anyway…. I went back to office  and  as I stepped into the Kitchen to pick up some napkins.. Guess, who was staring at me with a smirk on her face?!! — It was the “ClassicBack to Nature  Granola( price tag $5.99).It seemed,as if  all the raw and organic food conspired to make a mockery of my choice. I don’t know if I was daydreaming but..I thought, I  heard the granola whisper something in my ear.It said, You can’t escape  from Nature, so better treat us right or else, your  eyes  will pop out the next time you see the price tag on the Raw & Organic food(Was that a warning or a suggestion?!)


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