16 Sep

I  heard the story of Chris Rene, last year on The X-Factor Show on Fox Channel. I was moved by his life story and  is  his  passion for Music.  Even though he didn’t win the X- Factor contest , he definitely won the hearts of many people by his honesty  and positive attitude to life despite all the struggles.  Here is clipping from   the  X-factor show. I became a fan of his music since then….


This morning,I woke up with a splitting headache so.. I tried to listen to some of my favorite songs. ( it is my fastest cure, I hate eating medicine) I  went online to check this old video of Chris Rene and happened to see his latest interview in 2012. It was very exciting to know that he is releasing his new album in Oct 2012. It will be interesting to follow him and see how he handles  the FAME & FORTUNE that  was once a stranger to him. If he still holds true to his  positive attitude   and  continue his journey with that spirit, I have no doubt, in my mind, that he will win many more hearts. I am big fan of people who stay true to themselves and to the world despite all the FAME & FORTUNE  that the world offers them.

Anyways.. Good music with positive message is indeed very healing coz, my migrane is now out the window and I am ready to enjoy the rest of my sunday. Yuhoo!!!
Here is his 2012 Interview about his new album.


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