“I try to lose it, but it keeps finding me?? ”

15 Sep

It’s been a while since, I wrote about my progress on  my weight loss goal. Well…. the reason I guess is pretty obvious 😦  I haven’t made any progress. This is where I am at the moment. Not very proud of myself…… (But.. I guess, its human to  fall down and  get side-tracked – good excuse 🙂 )

I am at a ” LAZY POINT” stage in my weight loss journey 🙂 I managed to hide my “weight” pretty well in this picture… that’s coz, I just got lucky with this picture. But, trust me , they are all there if you look closely.:(

I have to find a new hiding place and a new strategy to win this  long battle  with my weight. It seems to find me no matter where I hide 😦

Today, I was buried in my work  and  didn’t expect “weight” to find me but…. as I mentioned earlier, it managed to  find me again!!!   It came hiding in a huge box   disguised as a 10 yr Anniversary  present to our office from Momofuku Milk Bar(http://momofukustore.com/cookies.html) . When we opened the huge box, it was  not just few cookies, it was an entire army of irresistible   assorted cookies who had come all ready to attack our sweet tooth. When it passed by me to the kitchen table, I   took  a quick glance at the box  and went back to  work…. only to find myself few.. minutes later, at the kitchen table,  eating a corn cookie. Then… seconds before, I was ready to leave home from work, I took a another corn cookie- they tasted so good .

Oooh boy!!!  How do I get this weight  off my body?!  if you are reading this and you are sailing in the same boat, please join my army and lets win this battle together. At least,  before Christmas so, we can celebrate our  victory on New Year’s Eve. Are we ready?? 🙂


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