“PEACE” of Nature in the Hampton…

9 Sep

Hampton  is a popular spot for the rich and famous, who are willing to pay any price to possess a “peace” of the nature that is slowly but surely on the verge of extinction due to our human greed.

My man and I  had been working hard all summer and didn’t get a chance to dip our toe in the beach (FYI- we aren’t rich and famous yet  ;)) so.. Last weekend , around this time, we were basking in the sun and enjoying  the “peace” of nature  in the east end of the Hamptons – Amagansett. We didn’t have to spend a fortune to get a “peace” of the nature. Nature is man’s best friend who selflessly shares  her unconditional love to mankind  equally without any barriers  to whether you are rich or famous, black ,white or Asian.  It is we humans who create these barriers and rot our mind to the point where we are scared of our own reflection in the mirror. It is then.. When we remember our mother nature and  yearn for her love and embrace. If only, we humans could learn to live with each other like nature; the world would be a better place and we wouldn’t have to run  all the time to nature, she would be with us all the time. Anyways… this is just one of my many reflections on life that makes me lose my hair and worries my mom. She keeps saying “Ami, Chime.. don’t think too much.. you will become  bald” .(   that’s even better… then… I will head to the nearest  Buddhist nunnery in the Himalayas and retire peacefully from this mad rat race.)

Here are few memories from the trip with my man and beautiful Mother Nature in her best mood( we humans really test her patience  and rarely let her be in her best mood-  Don’t we??)

Do we really need a big house for two?? We opted to stay here but thanked my long time friend who offered us her beautiful house in the woods with the pool. fyi- this is also her place.

This is a public beach and not “private”? Nature was & is never “Private” wonder why…. we humans do these crazy stuff. and not let things be the way they ought to be…

The love birds looking at us as we watched them in awe at their simplicity, love and peace with each other.

they came to bid us “goodbye” as we were on our way home … home!?

The highlight of the  trip was the night out at the beach with the  waves, stars, moon and the fire around..and of course my “Densel Washington” with me. Perfect date night which had to be captured in video. It was mind blowing and one of my many dreams that came true.


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