Maria Michta&Chime’s – Meet & Greet Moment at Astor Place.

22 Aug

Maria Michta represented  U.S.A  at the 20K Women racewalk  in London 2012 Olympics.Although,she didn’t win a medal, she cut two minutes and 25 seconds off her personal best race time and walked the distance faster than any American 20K walker in the history of the Olympic Games. It was an honor to meet her last Saturday at Astor Place.

Here is how our  brief conversation went:

Chime:  Hi! What a wonderful surprise to see you here! I bet you must have had a great time at the Olympics? Did you get chance to talk to “Choeyang” from Tibet?(Maria looks puzzled), so I rephrased my question  and said..  .. Quieyang from China………?”

Maria:   You mean… The Girl who came 3rd in the race?”

Chime :  Yes, She is Tibetan  but currently representing China since  Tibet is occupied by China”

Maria:  Ohh, I didn’t know  she was Tibetan.  I didn’t really get a chance to talk to her, it was pretty hectic  after the event”

Chime: “I am sure you will get to see her in the next Olympic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,I hope you guys get a chance to talk then..”

Maria: “I hope so..that would be awesome! By the way, does she speak English?”

Chime: “Good question, to be honest, I am not sure if she speaks English. I don’t know her personally and haven’t heard of her until the London Olympics”


Chime: “I am thrilled to meet an Olympian and  Iwish you all the best for 2016 Olympics.”

                  Maria: “Thank you!”

Great tips from Maria Michta on how to stay fit and healthy.


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