Just the two of us

22 Jul

There is never a dull moment, when I am with my cute niece  Yangchen(3yrs old). She  is the little celebrity in our family and it’s a pleasure to take a picture with her.So during one of  my visit to her place in Boston(May 2012), We had a photo-shoot  with a small crew. Let me introduce you to the crew.

Photographer:  Dhasel ( Her elder sis- another cute  niece of my mine- She is 13yrs old)

Director :  little  Yangchen( ofcourse!)

Guest of Honor: Their Aunt(or”Ani” in tibetan)  Chime.

Below are the behind -the- scene snaps from the photo shoot.

Our Celebrity Yangchen was  pleased with the outcome of  the Photo- Shoot & entertained us with this amazing performance.


One Response to “Just the two of us”

  1. Tsewang July 22, 2012 at 15:18 #

    Hi chime….thank you for the animated pictures and the short but sweet video of our little yangchen rocking to music! I am hungry for more post like this. This just made my day. Yangchen is such a cute and smart lil kid…her vocabulary is so huge for a 3 yr old kid that I am already envisioning what she will become in future and dreaming big for her…..

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