“It’s just a cup of TEA!”

13 Jul

“Tea in the morning,

Tea in the afternoon,

Tea in the evening,

Tea at night ”

Really????  Are you kidding??!!  No, I am not!! Seriously, that’s how many times  a day, I drink Tea .( I myself didn’t realize  it until I sat down to write this blog. What a revelation!!   lol!  That’s not all. Last  saturday, when the summer heat was at its peak( 99°F), I was at a Tibetan community gathering  where they were serving Ice cold water and   hot Tibetan  butter Tea. I opted for the latter. There was no denying of   my love affair with Tea.

This blog is for all the Tea lovers around the world.  Here is a run down of  all the Tea’s that I usually have… depending on …….

On the days, when I miss the taste of the tea that I grew up with. I take a nice long walk from my office to this little corner  Cafe that serves  a freshly brewed   MASALA CHAI.($1)

Little Lahore Cafe
32 Crosby St
(between Houston St & Jersey St)
New York, NY 10012

On the days, when I  have  been really good with  my diet & exercise. I  am allowed to  splurge on one of my fav calorie filled drink, that’s when i go to get my KUNG FU BUBBLE TEA.($3.50)

Kung Fu Bubble Tea
234 Canal St
Ste 107
(between Baxter St & Centre St)
New York, NY 10013

On the days, when I am in  a hurry and the only time, I have on hand is to run to the nearest  Deli, that’s when I get my HONEST  LEMON TEA.($1.99)

Finally,  when I get home after a long day of work,   There is someone special waiting  for me in my favorite cup , it is none other then CHA NGAMO( tibetan word for  hot milk tea with sugar) prepared by my mom.(Priceless)

All is well that ends well. Until  we meet again…. Adious!

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