14 Jun

One of the biggest challenges  in my life so far  has been to   reach my  ideal weight goal of 130 lbs.(U can imagine what my weight was then ? 🙂 )Over the years, my weight loss journey  has been like a see-saw. One year,  I would lose  some of it and then  the next year, I would gain it all back.( All thanks to my love for  anything that has sugarrrrr!!) However, it was in  Jan 2011,  when I reached my all time highest weight of  162lbs. My  waist size  moved from 8 to 12. It was the most alarming moment in my life. I no longer found this  see – saw game  with my weight  funny or fun. I had to  grow  out of it and  put a  end to this game for good. I  pulled up my socks and gears and worked my  way  to 140lbs by Dec  2011. My waist size was now  6 ( first time EVER in my life).  There is nothing more   satisfying  then to see my persistenace and perservance paying off   with these impressive  numbers.  I took a short vacation to celebrate my victory and loved my new look and felt as  light  as a feather 🙂 .

I  welcomed  2012 with my new  weight and felt on top of the world.  I was confident that losing the next 10lbs would be a piece of cake and I would soon be on my way to take my next vacation to celebrate my ultimate victory. However, I was wrong;  firstly, while I was still basking in the joy over losing so much  weight, I had gradually started  nibbling on chocholates , ice cream , brownie….  and before I knew, I had gained 5lbs and I was  145lbs by March 2012. A  jolt from reality put me  back on track. However, this time, despite  my effort  I wasn’t losing any pounds. I had reached  a  plateau and  my weight   consistenly stayed at 145lbs  for the next two months(April & May). My hope  of  reaching  my goal was slowly dwindling and I was almost on the verge of giving up,  thats when my brother Tenam (Best brother in the world) surprised me witha gift  THAT  rekindled my hope an confidence  to reach my goal.  He had got me the complete gym work out outfit from my favorite store and a new pair of sneakers. He is  man of few words  and rarely express his thoughts but I know deep down that he  has the kindest heart and  is  one of the best brother I have .

Today is his Birthday & I have written this blog to express  my sincere thanks to my chocho(tibetan word for brother)  for always being there for  me.

Messsage for my brother:”I wish you  all the best in life and  hope you have many many more b’days to come. I  promise to  reach my weight goal of 130lb no matter what it takes. This is my promise lo:) . Love you chocho!”

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