Meet Datse: The Poet who knows how to cook “Rice”.

6 Jun

Amidst the cacophony of sounds from the furious typing from the many keyboards and phones in my office, I was attempting an impossible task of suppressing the giggles that was spreading all over my face that soon overpowered me and I burst into an uncontrollable laughter. It happened yesterday during my lunch break when I was going through my personal email. I received the most hilarious email from Datse, a friend of mine who seems to have  dramatic ways of conveying the simplest  message. I can fairly say that you can expect the unexpected from him.  He once told me that , he liked cooking and was pretty good at it.So, when I asked him, which dish  he knew how to prepare well. He said,”RICE!”( with such confidence and sincerity that  left me rolling with laughter on the floor)

Datse is like any other regular guy that you meet everyday. However, what is very interesting about him and I would assume not many of his friends even know is that he is a great poet and an avid reader. I have never seen anyone more excited and so much in love with books than him. The passion with which he recalls every book he has read is like someone recalling his or her first love.

I can say his passion for books has taken him so deep and away from the daily grind of everyday life that consumes most of us. Which is why, it is not surprising to see his unconventional way of dealing with the day-to-day life and therein I think we find humor in each other.

Here is one of my favourite poem(s0nnet) composed by him

The Endless Journey 

As day falls asleep and night wakin’, 
Millions eyes in the sky start flashin’; 
Till dawn do they in amazement look, 
Upon the world as it burns with crook.

Oft I heard some tales from human vales, 
And visions saw I in human tales; 
There the gold are all that glitters, 
For the restless minds of shallow thinkers.

A firefly to a candlelight delights, 
Upon the rotting flesh the earthly worms; 
Entangle in the web of pleasure flights, 
Now he goes and now he comes.

This endless journey of the human story, 
Is the making of his own folly.

He can be reached at

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