My “AHA” Moment

27 May

Opening your eyes to what’s around you“,was the” Aha” moment, I experienced today(May 26,2012).

To those of you who live in New York.I am sure most of  you can resonate with me on this. Aren’t we always rushing like as if there is no tomorrow? Even on holidays,  our to do list is  endless. We seem  to be racing against time.In the process, we have become experts  at multi-tasking and accomplishing lot of things  but what we fail to do  is to live in the “moment” and be mindful .How many of us really EAT when we are eating?? How many of us really “LISTEN” when we  are listening? I could go on…..

Well, I thought, I was mindful  and wasn’t yet part of this madness until my “AHA”moment.  When the morning alarm starts to ring, I am up and ready for the daily grind and on the  weekend, I am  busy running around either at the gym or with friends catching up over a dinner or lunch. Then, when  the city  gets too claustrophobic for me, I try to get out of the  city  to do some outdoor activity or just enjoy some quite time . Well… what I didn’t realize is that, I had a beautiful  sanctuary right in my house  that I  never  really noticed it until today. I didn’t have to go far to find peace. It was right in my  room.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves as they did to me . This is the view right from my bedroom window. I have seen many sunset  pictures and heard people talk about how peaceful it is to view the sunset. I have gone to couple of places just to watch the  sunset. It did make me feel good but nothing compared to the feeling I had today ,when I watched it right out of my own window. It was  the best feeling ever. I felt completely   in sync with nature and was enjoying the sheer beauty of it. My mind for the first time was  not mutli tasking and was just focused on  this amazing view. It was  only for few moments but  it had a  lasting impression that I will cherish forever.  Never felt such instant peace and calmness. I am so glad  I discovered my own treasure.

I am sure  we all have “Aha” moments eveyday, however, most of us  fail to  recognize it .So, the next time  it passes  you, make sure to seize the opportunity.


2 Responses to “My “AHA” Moment”

  1. Jigs May 28, 2012 at 06:42 #

    Awesome! Stay in beautiful mindfulness and cherish it. Prayers and cheers

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