Ganesh Temple Canteen -The Hidden Jewel in Flushing, NYC.

17 May

If you are  in New York and you  crave for those amazing  mouth-watering  south Indian  vegetarian food. I would recommend you to stop by Ganesh Temple  Canteen in Flushing, NY. They have  the most authentic  south Indian food especially the Masala Dosa and the chutney.Secondly, no one can beat the price of their food to any other Indian restaurant in NYC. If they do, it will be on me for sure:)

My mom and I share the same taste when it comes to food so, it’s no surprise that we chose this place for our Mother’s day Brunch. They had a special 14 course Meal on the banana leaf for only $12!!!  You can’t go wrong with that. We loved it and I am definitely coming back for more especially now that I have turned Vegetarian(Since Jan 1,2012).


45-57 Bowne St
Flushing, NY 11355
Neighborhoods: Murray Hill, Flushing

(718) 460-8484

Ganesh Idol inside the Canteen

14 course Meal(Dosa not included :))


The entryway to the Main Temple

Main Template Entrance Gate


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